12 comments on “Work in progress red deer

  1. I was wondering if it’s ok with you can I mention your site on my wordpress site, teachingdavidtocook ? Also if you don’t mind can I mention your first name? If it is ok, do I capitalize both the A and the J or just the A (AJay) . Also can I put a link on my site to your site? Don’t you just love all of these questions? !!!! Let me know if it’s ok, thanks, rita.

    • Hi sue not yet as it’s very cold up in the summer house even when I have the small heater on lol so when it gets back to being a bit warmer I will be finishing of all the paintings that didn’t get finished last year ,then I will post them up for all of you to see 🙂 but thank you for asking how’s the weather were you are? 🙂

      • We have lots of snow at the moment my friend and its been around -5C below at night where I am.. and not getting above Freezing in the day….
        We had around 5 inches Friday and around the same again over night… My hubby has just come in from clearing the driveway, as I have to go to work this afternoon… so hoping it lets up soon..

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