American dreams

New painting finished !! 🙂
I’m going to be at Upton country house
Easter craft show sun 8th & mon 9th April
August craft show sat 11th & sun 12th August
Christmas craft show sat 17th & sun 18th November
I will have cards & prints available as well as some original paintings for sale.
So come say hi!! 🙂

Thank you :)

Thank you to all who came down to Upton country house this weekend,
The weather was clear with sun which always is a great help and sat up in the house with a lovely view over the gardens was beautiful,
Sold some of my cards which was good but most of all enjoyed chatting to fellow artist and other store holders that came by my table.
Was given inspiration for showing my art work of better by looking at what other people had used to show their items,so hopefully when the Easter show comes round next year I will be ready.
This is what I sketched over the two days that I was there in between sales and talking lol


Arrival of midday rest

On the 22nd of October 2011 I added midday rest to my collection of paintings,he took me three months to complete,height 100cm – width 80cm he’s one of my biggest paintings, yet it was the most daunting as I had never done an animal painting this big before.
This is the result of my work

What to do!

It’s been one of those days were my mind is full of ideas for new paintings.
Choosing which is going to make it to canvas is the next big question,I write down every idea that I have,
but there’s never enough time in the day once I’ve chosen the idea I’m going to use,and before long the natural light has gone and it’s time to pack up,wishing the night away so I can start again the next day and now with winter fast approaching and the days getting shorter, longing for summer to hurry up and arrive.

About me

Welcome to my post
I’m a self taught artist which means I never get bored as I learn something new everyday and I’m still learning.
From what different brushes can achieve to thickness of paint.
I love the medium that I use which is oil!
Compared to other mediums that I have tried.
Upton country house will be my second craft show this year as I only started showing my paintings,prints and cards in august.
I’m really looking forward to the Christmas craft show and shall keep u posted to how it went