11 comments on “Humming birds

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog–perhaps you understand a non-climate-controlled studio?!

    I’m self-taught, too, and can’t imagine being any other way. Love the hummers and their flowers!

    • I sure do I’m in the summer house but in the winter when it’s cold my hands turn blue while sat there painting I don’t normally realise until my hand is shaking which is ok if I’m doing wiggly branches but trying to do birds feathers or whiskers ah nightmare lol 🙂
      Self taught is the best way & it helps with my memory to go over things repetitively so it sticks in my mind how I did something ! 🙂
      Your mosaics are beautiful I loved the apple 🙂 it must take u ages to finish them !
      Thank u
      & thank u for visiting my blog kind regards Ajay

      • You sure DO know! I often want to have a cuppa something hot, but with all the dust and shards, it seems a bad idea even with a covered cup. Very occasionally I give in and have a cup out there of something hot, then have to keep it well covered–on top of its own lid!

        I see what you mean about how self-taught makes us learn something very well. No teacher talking, just our own brains working it out.

        Thank you for the kind words about my mosaics, Ajay! You’ve made my day. I’m actually in the midst of tearing apart (the mess in) part of the studio, organizing, and painting the surfaces bright white. It has been overwhelming, but I’m going to love the sense of peace, which will enable my creative brain to work!

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