Beautiful day!! :)

What a beautiful day sun is shinning time to do some paintings.
There was a great sunrise this morning so what great inspiration that will definitely be going in to a painting!
The autumn colours that are round are beautiful even though it was a tad cold this morning winter is definitely on it’s way,well I better get on.
To all out there have great day!
When I’m done I shall upload some pictures 🙂

By ajaykercheyartist Posted in Art

4 comments on “Beautiful day!! :)

  1. Glad you’re having a beautiful day. Over here in the US, it’s raining and windy. But you know, there can be some beauty in that too. After all, water is a lifeline too, just as the sun. Just finished watching Justin Beiber perform with Usher at Rockafeller Center in New York. He’s a doll! I might sketch a picture of him soon. Well, I have a Thanksgiving thought, I am thankful I am alive and thankful to have made contacts with some of the most gifted people, like you. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you for ure kind words hope you have a great thanks giving all the best!!
      I look forward to seeing ure portrait of Justin Beiber 🙂
      I love thunder storms with lightning and rain,rain sends me to sleep at night!
      But I like during the day the sun to be out it determines my moods lol
      especially when I’m painting 🙂

  2. thanks for dropping in on my blog the other day, and i noticed that you ‘liked’ a whole bunch of my posts, and all of a sudden, boy did i get traffic to my blog that day. i’m not sure how to ‘like’ posts, how did you do it? i dont see a ‘like’ button anywhere on my blog. By the way, i love your leopard painting, has a sweet mood .

    • Thank u Sally I will be attempting to do another leopard hopefully I will get the fur down 🙂 ,I clicked on ure paintings and the like button is at the base of ure pictures!! 🙂 have a great day hope u get a lot more traffic ! 🙂

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