About me

Welcome to my post
I’m a self taught artist which means I never get bored as I learn something new everyday and I’m still learning.
From what different brushes can achieve to thickness of paint.
I love the medium that I use which is oil!
Compared to other mediums that I have tried.
Upton country house will be my second craft show this year as I only started showing my paintings,prints and cards in august.
I’m really looking forward to the Christmas craft show and shall keep u posted to how it went

7 comments on “About me

  1. Thank you for liking my post on WordPress Ajay! I like your work, you have a great feeling with your use of color, especially in your landscapes! Keep in touch and good luck with your sale, I am going to be doing one at my studio in December as well, and what a total mess things are.. I need to make some order out of this total chaos!

  2. I think you are very talented – !!!!
    i am vision impaired – but can still see the astounding beauty !
    best 2 You ….
    i always think to myself – how truly beautiful it really must be – x 100000 +
    all the best for 2012

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